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Since launching Rachel Elizabeth Wood as a brand in 2012, Rachel has become one of the leading international contemporary British jeweller/silversmiths with her innovative designs.

“I want to push the boundaries of what has been before and have usable objects that are sculptures in their own rights. I want to produce pieces that are different and open people’s minds to contemporary jewellery” Rachel Elizabeth Wood

Rachel brings a much-needed youthful ethos and drive to shake up the traditional jewellery market. Her goal is to make luxury jewellery which is fun, well designed and beautifully handcrafted in Britain.

Rachel combines tropical hard woods and precious metals with intricate detail and abstract shapes to create a diverse collection of pieces that range from sculptural to more commercial wares. Her award winning work has been exhibited in a variety of prestigious institutions, including The Goldsmiths Company and the V&A Museum.

The British Museum selected one piece, a trophy, to include in their celebration of the horse exhibition as part of the Queen Elizabeth 11 Diamond Jubilee Celebrations. In 2013 Rachel went on to win The Hope Creative Business Award for her innovative designs and business acumen.

Rachel is a professionally trained jeweller and silversmith and before setting up her own brand she worked for one of London’s top fashion houses. All of her work is handmade in her studio overlooking the Pennine Moors.

Rachel often gets asked where she buys her animal sculptures from….but she has been trained by one of Britain’s most highly regarded wax specialists and makes all of the sculptures herself. It is a very time consuming process starting with carving the animal in wax using a selection of tiny steel knives. Rachel spent hours as a young child drawing her own ponies and studying her mother’s veterinary books. She is fascinated with the muscular structure of animals and believes in order to understand an animal’s form you need to understand the muscular skeletal structure of the animal.

Rachel’s animal carvings are mostly done from memory or photographs and it is extremely important to her that her models take on the presence and character of the animal and look true to form.