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Happy Clients

“I get such a thrill from seeing you wear your REW jewellery with such pride. It is one of my favourite parts of my work hearing how much you love my jewellery. It’s so hard to pick from all your lovely Thank you’s, blogs and social media posts we get every week.  I can assure you they are all treasured.” (Rachel E Wood 2016)


“Hello Rachel,

I know it’s been a while since the broach arrived at my office but I just wanted to tell you how beautiful it is and how much my wife likes it. The other reason for the email was just to say that the beautiful presentation was appreciated. I always buy jewellery for my wife and it’s one of the nicest pieces I have bought her, she wares it everyday. Thank you again and best wishes for the future.”
Daniel, England


“I was very happy to receive my order yesterday it is perfect and I am extremely pleased with it. This is the first time I have had such a unique gift. I was also delighted with how the gift had been wrapped with such care.”

Margaret- England


“My Boyfriend was so happy receiving the horse cufflinks. It was too early for Christmas, but I couldn’t wait to hand him the gift! Thank you so much for the beautiful work.”

Lisa- Japan


“Just to let you know, the bracelet for my daughter and the pendant for my wife went down a storm especially the pendant of our dog.  The people who saw the sculptures were very complementary and expressed the opinion that you have quite a gift.  Please accept thanks for what you have created.”

Eugene, England


“Rachel the pendant that you made us is simply stunning, you have just captured out beautiful dog Lucy. Thank you also for the beautiful presentation you took the hassle away from me trying to wrap it up to give to my wife.”

Harrison, New York

A Glowing Review

“I have been dying to tell you about this one for quite some time now – I am seriously hooked and I know you will be too!

Rachel Elizabeth Wood, the talent behind her namesake company, established the brand in 2012 and since then has become an internationally renowned jeweller and silversmith.

Why do I love this brand? Well take a look at the website and you’ll be sure to see for yourself, but what attracted me was that this beautiful jewellery is the country theme. In the past I have found it quite difficult to an item of good quality jewellery that reflects my hobbies and greatest passions, but Rachel has designed collections that are specifically dedicated to both equestrianism and shooting. What makes this brand even more special is that every stunning piece on offer is individually handcrafted in Great Britain by Rachel and her expertly skilled team. I am in love with nearly everything on offer so it’s pretty hard to pick one thing but, as you all know I have a great love of shooting and so wanting something to reflect this, I picked the pheasant bird bracelet.

The Pheasant Bird Bracelet

This gloriously delicate little bracelet features one small pheasant on a beautiful chain. I was torn between this design and the flying pheasant design which features 3 pheasants round the chain, but I wanted something that was practical enough that I could wear it every day and that could also be paired with other jewellery without being too chunky. Although since receiving my bracelet, I don’t believe that would have been the case and so the flying pheasant bracelet is still on my wish list!

The bracelet, like most of Rachel’s designs, is available in a variety of precious metals including sterling silver, 22ct gold plated sterling silver and 18ct gold so you can choose what suits your style best. I went for the 22ct gold plated silver as I tend to wear more gold jewellery than silver and as I mentioned I wanted this to be a practical bracelet so the plated silver seemed a better option than the full 18ct gold. What’s even better is that I was able to customise the bracelet to suit my needs. I have quite petite wrists (they match my unfortunately ‘petite’ legs..) so I do struggle to find bracelets that don’t hang off me and get caught in things, but I sent my measurements across to the team and I have to say I couldn’t ask for a more perfect fit. Another brilliant thing is that the clasp is weighted, so this prevents the pendant/model part of the bracelet constantly being underneath your wrist – this is the loveliest part of the bracelet so you don’t want it to swing out of sight! It’s little things such as this that really add quality and gives the jewellery a luxury feel.

About the bracelet

The Bird is modelled on a pheasant flying up from the ground to simulate a driven shoot. This figure (and all of the others that form part of Rachel’s jewellery collection) are sculpted in wax first, a mould is then taken and the precious metal poured in. Once you have your bird in silver/gold it needs filing and sanding, next fittings are soldered on and the chain and clasps are made and attached. The whole finish piece then goes through the final finishing process of hand polishing. The pheasant is modelled as a whole 3D shape, unlike some animal jewellers who will flatten the shape to save on metal costs.

This bracelet is quite simply perfect for any occasion and to be completely honest, I don’t think I have taken it off since it arrived. I wear it for day-to-day activities including mucking out the horses, general farm work (I know, I’m the most stylish person on the yard!) and shooting, as well as to work so that I can keep a little bit of the country with me whilst sat in my office at my computer. As this bracelet is so elegant, it is also made for those special occasions where you need to get a little more dressed up. Keep an eye out for this beauty as it will be featuring on many posts to come!

Caught your eye?

If like me you are a bit of a magpie and are drawn to anything shiny or sparkly, you have just got to check out this wonderful brand. If you are not sold on the idea of a pheasant bracelet, take a look at one of the many other stunning designs on offer. Even better, if you are looking for a really bespoke item this can also be arranged, how about one of your beloved pets in miniature?!

I cannot recommend this brand enough, the quality of the products and the attention to detail, particularly for something so tiny and refined really is second to none. I think the fact that I have not taken this off since receiving it is endorsement enough but seriously, I can’t fault the quality of the product. The bracelet is so unique and special that it has caught every0ne’s eye that has seen it so far. I will definitely be expanding my collection and have my eye on the matching earrings and one of the pieces from the equestrian collection next!”

Harriet Edwards- A Girl About Country